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Accreditation Guide and Forms

Accreditation and Funding Guide

An Accreditation and Funding Guide is prepared by the Department of Education prior to each application round to assist community language schools to understand the application process and to prepare the necessary documentation.

Download the current Accreditation and Funding Guide:

Download (pdf): Community Language Schools Accreditation and Funding Guide 2024 (updated July 2024)

Application form

CLS interested in applying for accreditation must firstly contact cls-accreditation@unimelb.edu.au. Application forms are only provided to community language schools after eligibility has been determined.

Supporting documentation

In addition to an application form for accreditation, CLS must provide a range of evidentiary documentation in English. Note that some documents must be submitted in Word format, while others must be submitted in PDF format.

CLS must ensure that they regularly update and maintain these documents throughout the accreditation period.

Approved templates and samples of these documents are available via the menus on this site.