Application form

The application round for accreditation of new schools in 2020 (for funding from 2020-2021) has closed. The application round for accreditation and funding in 2021 will open during 2020. If you are interested in applying for accreditation for your community language school, please firstly contact Community Languages Victoria (formerly called Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria).

An application round for new campuses of currently accredited schools is open and will close on 3 February 2020. If your school is already accredited, but wishes to have a new campus accredited, please contact in order to complete additional documentation.

Supporting documentation

Community language schools are required to provide evidence to support their application for accreditation or re-accreditation. Note that the supporting documentation requires the use of a number of templates. These templates are being updated for the 2019 accreditation round and will be available shortly.

In order to ensure guidelines are followed and that applications can be processed efficiently, at least two members of the school (including the Principal) must take responsibility for:

  • reading the Guide (see below)
  • checking the accuracy of information provided
  • checking completeness of documentation.

Accreditation and Funding Guide

An Accreditation and Funding Guide is prepared by the Department of Education and Training prior to each application round to assist community language schools to understand the application process and to prepare the necessary documentation.

The Department’s Guide for the 2019-2021 period is now available, though please note that the document may be updated in 2020:

To further assist schools to prepare their applications, a Companion document has been developed for use in conjunction with the Guide. A document for the funding round which took place in 2019 is available for reference, although this document will be updated in 2020: