An emergency management plan (EMP) is required for each campus of the community language school which details how the school will prepare for and respond to emergency situations. EMPs may already be in existence for any premises which a community language school leases or occupies. In these cases, the community language school should obtain a copy of the EMP and then update it to include names and details appropriate to the community language school. The community language school should also ensure that an area map and evacuation plan has been included.

As a minimum, the EMP must contain the following:

  • emergency services contact numbers
  • names and mobile phone numbers for individuals from the community language school with specific responsibilities in emergency situations;
  • a detailed description of steps to be taken in a wide range of emergency situations in order to ensure the safety of students and staff;
  • an area map which gives an aerial view of the campus and labels neighbouring streets, external evacuation routes from relevant school buildings, and an evacuation assembly area;
  • an evacuation plan showing the internal evacuation routes from all classrooms used by the community language school, as well as the location of fire extinguishers, exits and the evacuation assembly area.

To assist community language schools to develop a new EMP, a template has been created based on DET’s EMP documentation for government schools. This template has been updated for 2019 and is available here:

This template has been designed for the community language school context and is easy to follow in an emergency situation. All community language schools are strongly advised to make use of this template, as it includes all the required information.

Community Languages Victoria (formerly ESAV) is available to assist schools to develop an EMP as required.

Instructions for submission

Please supply a copy of the EMP for each of the school’s campuses. Schools with more than one campus should combine the EMPs into one PDF (placed one after the other in a single PDF). The document should be named “05_emergency.pdf”.