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About the Program

This information applies to the application round for funding in 2022, which has now closed. Updated information will be provided shortly.

The Department of Education and Training’s (the Department) Community Language Schools Funding Program provides funding to not-for-profit community language schools (CLS) to deliver language programs to Victorian school-aged students outside of school hours and preschool children (where approved).

CLS must first apply for and be granted accreditation with the Department before they can apply for per capita funding for their students. This applies for new CLS, for any new campuses for existing accredited CLS, as well as for reaccrediting CLS. The accreditation process enables the Department to assess whether CLS are delivering quality programs and are aware of their obligations for child safety and wellbeing. The accreditation does not support a CLS to be registered as an education provider as defined through the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

As part of the accreditation process, CLS must submit an application form and supporting documentation to demonstrate their capacity to deliver high-quality language programs that comply with the Department’s requirements and expectations.

Applications for accreditation (or reaccreditation for currently accredited CLS) are accepted once a year; new campus applications may be accepted as required.

Applying for accreditation

To apply for accreditation of a new CLS, reaccreditation of an existing accredited CLS, or new campus of an existing accredited CLS, a CLS must:

  • demonstrate that it meets the eligibility requirements to be able to apply for accreditation/reaccreditation as detailed on the following page.
  • prepare ALL required supporting documentation in the required format and manner (see Section 3 of this document). Partially complete applications will NOT be processed.
  • complete the application form (to be supplied by contacting clasaccreditation@gmail.com). If seeking accreditation for more than one campus, each campus must be detailed in the application form. The Department will not fund students attending a campus that has not been approved.
  • have at least two members of the CLS (including the Principal) check all the documentation to ensure it is complete. Both members must then sign the application form to confirm this.
  • submit the completed and signed application, together with all supporting documentation via email to clsaccreditation@gmail.com by the due date as specified by the Department.

Once an application for accreditation has been submitted:

  • the applicant CLS will receive acknowledgement in writing that their application has been received.
  • the application and supporting documentation will be checked and the applicant CLS may be contacted for further information if required.
  • the Department will endeavour, where possible, to notify applicant CLS of the outcome of their application by 31 December of the year prior to which accreditation is sought.

Assistance with applications

For queries or assistance with preparing applications, please contact Community Languages Victoria on 9349 2683 or by email: abubaker.fahry.f@communitylanguages.org.au.