Each community language school must have a school charter that includes the community language school’s operational and administrative procedures for the full accreditation or re-accreditation period. The charter should make it clear to the reader how the school is structured and how it operates and must include the following polices.

  • Enrolment and withdrawal policy and procedures
  • Discipline policy and procedures
  • Grievance procedure/policy (a copy of the procedure is required to be attached to the School’s charter and is available: DET Guidelines for Parent/Guardian Complaints procedure)
  • Anti-Bullying (including cyber bullying) policies
  • Cyber Safety Policy
  • Special Needs Policy
  • Hot Weather Policy
  • Sun Smart Policy
  • Behaviour Management Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Personal Information and Photograph Release Policy
  • Information Privacy and Records policy (in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Health Records Act 2001)
  • Visitor and Parental Volunteer Policy
  • Student Attendance policy
  • Student Collection policy
  • Child Safe Standards policies

For assistance in writing your school charter and the required policies please contact Community Languages Victoria (formerly ESAV).

Where possible standardised polices will be developed by the Department for use by all community language schools (similar to the Parent/Guardian complaints procedure).

To assist community language schools to produce a suitable charter which contains the above policies, a template has been prepared. Sections to be completed by the community language school are highlighted in yellow. All community language schools should make use of this charter template.

Instructions for submission

Please supply a copy of your school charter, noting that it must contain the required policies. This document must be submitted as a single PDF named “03_charter.pdf”.