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3. School charter, including all policies as listed

 This information applies to the application round for funding in 2022, which has now closed. Updated information will be provided shortly.

The CLS must have a school charter that includes the CLS’s operational and administrative procedures. The charter should make it clear to the reader how the CLS is structured, how it operates and must include the policies listed below.

  • a. Enrolment and withdrawal policy and procedures
  • b. Behaviour Management policy
  • c. Grievance procedure/policy (a copy of the procedure is required to be attached to the school charter and is available at the Department’s website
  • d. Bullying Prevention (including cyber bullying) policy
  • e. Cyber Safety policy
  • f. Special Needs policy
  • g. Hot weather policy
  • h. SunSmart policy
  • i. Equal Opportunity policy
  • j. Information Privacy and Records policy (in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Health Records Act 2001)
  • k. Photographing and filming students policy
  • l. Visitor and Parental Volunteer policy
  • m. Student Attendance policy
  • n. Student Collection policy
  • o. Child Safe Standards and Working with Children Check policies.
  • p. First aid and medical emergencies policy (including infectious diseases if delivering to preschool children).

These standardised policies are included in a charter template which is available below, and which all CLS are encouraged to use. CLS can tailor the information in the charter as desired but must retain the Department’s standardised policies. For assistance in completing the school charter, CLS should contact CLV.

Downloadable File COMING SOON: CLS School Charter Template (docx)

Instructions for submission

Please supply a copy of your school charter, noting that it must contain the required policies as set out in the downloadable template. This document must be submitted as a single PDF named “03_charter.pdf”.