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CLS will be assessed against a range of criteria to become accredited:

  1. Be an incorporated organisation
  2. Have operated successfully and independently for at least 12 months before applying
  3. Be not-for-profit
  4. Meet the Department’s requirements for suitable premises
  5. Have a current lease agreement for each campus
  6. Have a minimum of ten eligible school-aged students enrolled each year across all campuses
  7. Comply with Child Safe Standards
  8. Have current Working with Children (WWC) checks as required by the Worker Screening Act 2020 (Vic), or Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registrations for all staff, volunteers, and committee members
  9. Provide a minimum of 2.5 hours of face-to-face instruction (for each language taught) for approximately 40 weeks each year
  10. Teach a languages program that is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F-10
  11. Have a school charter, including all policies as required by the Department
  12. Have an emergency management plan for each campus which meets the Department’s requirements
  13. Have a qualified first aid officer at each campus
  14. Have a professional learning outline in place for staff
  15. Maintain accurate student enrolment records
  16. Issue student progress reports at least twice each year
  17. Maintain accurate student attendance records
  18. Have a student supervision and collection process in place which meets the Department’s standards.

Note: CLS that have not been previously accredited will need to undergo an initial eligibility check in the first instance to ensure that they satisfy criteria 1, 2, 3, 6 and 9.

For a list of all supporting documentation required to be assessed for accreditation, please refer to Supporting Documentation