The community language school must ensure the suitability of anyone working or volunteering at the school, so that children are safe with them.

All staff and volunteers, including all school committee members, must have a current Working with Children Check (WWCC). If a person holds a current Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration they do not need to obtain a WWCC. Copies of all WWCCs or VIT registrations must be kept on file at the school. National police or other kinds of criminal checks, are not acceptable.

The community language school must provide copies of the WWCCs or VIT registrations as part of their application. In addition, it must list all WWCC/VIT registration holders separately in the template, to enable cross-checking. The Working With Children Check template has been updated for the 2019 accreditation round and is available here. 

Working with Children Checks are valid for five years. Information about WWCCs can be found at

Note: all staff, volunteers (including parents) and committee members must have a current Working With Children Check, regardless of whether they have regular contact with students. Every document submitted as part of the accreditation process is cross-checked to ensure that all individuals associated with the school have valid Working With Children Checks. For example, every name in the student supervision schedule is checked against the names in the Working With Children Check document. Please ensure all individuals named in all documents have Checks, and all individuals are included in the Working With Children Check document.
The copies of the Working With Children Checks and VIT registrations must be clear, readable, colour copies. The name on the card must be copied into the template exactly, and any other names by which the person is known must also be noted down.

Instructions for submission

Please download and complete the WWCC/VIT template. Then arrange the copies of the WWCCs and VIT registrations in the same order as in the template. Save everything as a single PDF named “07_workingwithchildren.pdf”.