Each community language school must provide a Certificate of Incorporation or Registration. This shows that the community language school is itself registered or is run by an organisation which registered under one of the following Acts:

  • Associations Incorporation Act 1981;
  • Corporations Act 2001 as a Company Limited by Guarantee;
  • Religious Successory and Charitable Trusts Act 1958.


It is a requirement that the community language school, or the organisation which runs a community language school, has been incorporated or registered no later than 31 December 2018 in order to submit an application for accreditation for 2019-2021. Note that it is also a requirement that the community language school has been operating successfully and independently for 12 months prior to an application for accreditation; applicants will be required to confirm this on the application form.

Instructions for submission

A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or Registration must be supplied with your application, and saved with the filename “01_incorporation.pdf”.