Each community language school must provide a Certificate of Incorporation as an Incorporated Association through Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) or a Certificate of Registration as a Company through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This shows that the community language school is itself registered or is run by an organisation which registered under one of the following Acts:

  • Associations Incorporation Act 1981 as an Incorporated Association;
  • Corporations Act 2001 as a Company Limited by Guarantee;
  • Religious Successory and Charitable Trusts Act 1958.


It is a requirement that the community language school (or the organisation which runs the community language school) has been incorporated or registered no later than 31 December of the year prior to seeking accreditation in order to submit an application for accreditation.

Note that it is also a requirement that the community language school has been operating successfully and independently for 12 months prior to an application for accreditation; applicants will be required to confirm this on the application form.

Instructions for submission

Please provide a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (issued by CAV) or Registration (issued by ASIC) of your school (or the legal entity which operates your school). This document must be submitted as a single PDF named “01_incorporation.pdf”.