Community language schools are required to provide evidence to support their application for accreditation or re-accreditation. The following evidence, in addition to the completed application form, are required for accreditation in the 2019 round (for funding in 2020-2021):

  1. Certificate of Incorporation or Registration
  2. School constitution, rules of the association or other governing documents
  3. School charter
  4. Current lease agreement
  5. Emergency management plan
  6. First Aid certificates – copies of documents as well as completed First Aid certificate template
  7. Working With Children Checks and/or VIT registrations – copies of documents as well as completed WWCC/VIT template
  8. Child Safe Standards – confirmation of compliance
  9. Professional learning outline
  10. Student attendance roll
  11. Student progress reports
  12. Student supervision schedule
  13. VCE Single Study Language Provider approval (where applicable)
  14. Victorian Curriculum-aligned course outline

When supplying evidence, please ensure:

  • the evidence is in English, or is bilingual (including full English translation);
  • only the relevant evidence is supplied;
  • supporting documents are supplied as PDFs (scan documents and save as PDFs; all other file formats such as Word or jpeg must be saved as PDFs prior to sending);
  • the filenames are formulated as set out in the relevant sections

In order to ensure guidelines are followed and that applications can be processed efficiently, at least two members of the school (including the Principal) must take responsibility for:

  • reading the guidelines
  • checking the accuracy of information provided
  • checking completeness of documentation.