Community language schools must write student progress reports at least twice a year. Community language schools can determine the timing, additional frequency and format of reports in partnership with students, parents and the local community. Reports should include:

  • student achievement against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 achievement standards;
  • student achievement and progress related to individual learning goals and targets;
  • areas for improvement/future learning;
  • what the school will do to support the student’s learning;
  • what parents /guardians can do to support the student’s progress;
    attendance; and
  • work habits assessment.

The community language school must provide a copy of a progress report for one student. Evidence of regular communication with parents should be reflected in these reports.

A sample student progress report is available here:

Sample Student Progress Report (updated for 2019)

The document supplied must be an actual student report which has been written for a student from the school. If the student report has been written in a language other than English, please include a full English translation.

Instructions for submission

Please supply a copy of the progress report for one student for the previous term. This document must be submitted as a PDF named “11_progress.pdf”.