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12. Student progress report

This information applies to the application round for funding in 2022, which has now closed. Updated information will be provided shortly.

The CLS must write student progress reports at least twice each year and keep copies of reports on file. Reports should include:

  • achievement against the Victorian Curriculum F-10:Languages achievement standards
  • achievement and progress related to individual learning goals and targets
  • areas for improvement/future learning
  • what the school will do to support the student’s learning
  • what parents /guardians can do to support the student’s progress
  • attendance
  • work habits assessment.

The CLS must provide a copy of a progress report for one student. Evidence of regular communication with parents should be reflected in these reports.

A sample student progress report together with a blank template are available below.

Downloadable File COMING SOON: Sample Student Progress Report (pdf)
Downloadable File COMING SOON: Student Progress Report Template (docx)

Instructions for submission

Please supply a copy of the progress report for one student for Term 2 2021 (with the student’s name hidden). This document must be submitted as a PDF named “12_progress.pdf”.