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13. Student supervision and collection schedule

This information applies to the application round for funding in 2022, which has now closed. Updated information will be provided shortly.

The CLS must have a student supervision roster during recess times, before and after classes, and while students are being collected to ensure that no students are left behind.

A copy of the CLS’s student supervision schedule/roster for each campus for the term immediately preceding the application must be provided.

A sample of an appropriate Student Supervision Schedule is available below.

Downloadable File: Sample Student Supervision Schedule (pdf, updated July 2021)

Instructions for submission

Please supply the supervision schedule for each campus for Term 2 2021. (Please make sure every person listed has a valid WWC Check/VIT registration and is also included in the WWC Check Template.) The supervision schedule(s) must be submitted as a single PDF named “13_supervision.pdf”.