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9. Staff professional learning outline


All teaching staff must undertake a minimum of 20 hours of professional learning each year.

The Department strongly encourages CLS to participate in the professional development sessions provided by CLV. CLS staff who do not have a recognised qualification in languages teaching are also strongly encouraged to undertake CLV’s accredited Certificate IV in Community Languages Teaching course or Languages Methodology course.

To register for professional learning contact CLV.


An outline of professional learning activities available for all teaching staff for the year in which the CLS applies for accreditation, totalling a minimum of 20 hours, using the required template.


The following template must be used:

DOWNLOAD (docx): Professional Learning Outline Template (updated July 2023)

The following sample is available as a guide:

DOWNLOAD (pdf): Professional Learning Outline Sample (updated July 2023)

Links to further information

Information about professional learning activities is available on the CLV website at: https://communitylanguages.org.au/index.php

Instructions for submission

Required template: Yes, see above

Required format: Word

Required filename: 09_proflearning.docx