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4. Current lease agreement

This information applies to the application round for funding in 2022, which has now closed. Updated information will be provided shortly.

The CLS must provide evidence of current, formal agreements in place for each of the premises they occupy:

  • a) For CLS operating out of a mainstream government or non-government school sites, the following document must be provided:
    • School council licence agreement (template available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/teachingresources/discipline/languages/Pages/clsschools.aspx)
  • b) For CLS operating out of other premises (e.g. church hall, mosque, community centre etc.), the following documents are acceptable:
    • copy of occupancy permit
    • lease agreement or booking form for the duration of the school year, where possible
    • letter confirming the school’s ownership of premises.
  • These documents must include details of the rental agreement including:
    • rental fees
    • rental period
    • hours of use
    • agreed terms of use
    • names (and signatures, where possible) of contracting parties, including the CLS.

Instructions for submission

Please provide evidence of a current formal agreement (according to (a) or (b) above) for each of your school’s campuses. This evidence must be submitted as a PDF named “04_leaseagreement.pdf” (if you have more than one campus, create separate PDFs for each and add the suburb name to the end of the filename of each PDF).