Community language schools seeking accreditation or re-accreditation must provide information about the core curriculum to be delivered to students for each year level they teach. The community language school’s language program must provide students with activities covering all four macro skills, i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as cultural activities that meet the requirements of the intercultural dimension of a robust languages program.

The curriculum used by the community language school should be based on the Victorian Curriculum, and the language must be taught to each student for at least 2.5 hours per week for approximately 40 weeks per year.

For more details on the Victorian Curriculum, including curriculum information on specific languages, see the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website.

A curriculum sample must be submitted by the community language school with the application for accreditation or re-accreditation. Schools are not required to provide all curriculum materials; schools are required to provide only the resources requested under either option (a) or (b) below:


(a) a single, well-developed unit of work for one level/combination of levels.

A blank template for a unit of work is available here (DOC).
A sample unit of work for German – Foundation level is available here (PDF).


(b) a broad scope and sequence overview of the year’s curriculum for each level/combination of levels for the entire year.

VCAA scope and sequence documents are available below.


IMPORTANT: Schools that choose option (b) and are granted (re-)accreditation in this round must attend a series of professional learning workshops organised by ESAV on curriculum planning and writing between 2019 and 2021. Failure to participate in these professional learning workshops, as required, may lead to loss of accreditation.


VCAA Scope and Sequence Documents

Scope and sequence documents for the following languages are available from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. The links below are to PDF versions of the documents on the VCAA site – clicking on the links will download the files directly from the VCAA server.

If your language is not listed, you may use the generic scope and sequence documents for Roman Alphabet and Non-Roman Alphabet languages; links to these files on the VCAA site are listed further below.

Please select the relevant scope and sequence document for your school, e.g. if your school only teaches between Prep (Foundation) and Level 6, download only that document (Foundation-Level 6), rename it according to the naming conventions in the guidelines (i.e.”13_courseoutline.pdf”), and forward it with your application.

If your school teaches Year 7 (and above), download the appropriate Levels 7-10 document, rename it according to the naming conventions in the guidelines (i.e.”13_courseoutline.pdf”), and forward it with your application.

If you have more than one scope and sequence document to provide, please combine them as a single PDF.















Modern Greek








Languages for which there is no specific curriculum currently available may adopt the scope and sequence documents provided for either of the following, as appropriate:

Non-Roman Alphabet Languages (eg. Burmese, Russian, Serbian)


Roman Alphabet Languages (eg. Croatian, Somali, Swedish)



Instructions for submission

Please supply a copy of the Victorian Curriculum-aligned course materials according to either option (a) or (b) above, which you have named “14_curriculum.pdf”.