Community language schools must be not-for-profit in order to be eligible for accreditation. In the application form, the applicant school must confirm whether it is not-for-profit.

The Australian Tax Office provides information on how to define a “not-for-profit” organisation, as well as information on what constitutes acceptable evidence that an organisation is not-for-profit (see the ATO site) .

Usually, evidence is contained within the constitution or other governing documents, through the existence of a “non-profit” clause and a “dissolution” clause.

To assist in determining the not-for-profit status of your community language school, you are required to provide a copy of your constitution or other governing documents. These documents must be in English, or must contain an English translation.


Instructions for submission

A copy of your school’s constitution or governing documents must be supplied with your application, and saved with the filename “02_constitution.pdf”.